Stunt Kids Holiday Program





Cost: AUD $199
Ages 8 to 16 years

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Stunt Academy Kids is an action packed School Holiday Program designed for children aged 8 to 16 who want to explore the spectacular world of Stunts.

The program features 1 full day of exciting activities, designed to safely teach the participants the skills of Stunt Performing for Film, TV, Theatre and Theme Parks.

Sessions include Theatrical Fighting, Tumbling, Sword Fighting, Commando Style Obstacle Course, Trampolining and High Falls, giving the participants one of the most memorable School Holidays in their lives. They will also film and star in their own Action Scene.

Not only will they learn these very useful skills, but they will improve confidence, social skills, body control and teamwork.

Our qualified instructors will ensure that all safety procedures are followed, that everyone gets equal attention and that the participants enjoy the experience fully.

Staff are highly qualified specialists and most are First Aid qualified.

Stunt Academy Obstacle Course Stunt Academy Fight Scene


What participants receive:

All those who complete the course will receive a Certificate of Achievement, and they may purchase a DVD of their training and the Action Scene if interested.


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