2 Week Professional Stunt Course

3 Week Stunt Academy Course

Price $3600

Course Dates

2016 Mar 7th to 18th, June 6th to 17th, Sept 5th to 17th, Dec 5th to 16th.

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The Stunt Training 1 Course is a 14 day course held over 2 weeks from Monday to Friday and covers many theory and practical elements of the Professional Stunt Performers needs. Activities such as Tumbling, Low & High Falls, Motorcycling, Abseiling, Fire & Human Torches, Car Hits and Rollouts, Window Penetrations, Stairfalls, Wirework, Aerial Awareness, Flying Trapeze, Climbing, Swordplay and Fight Choreography.

You will train with professional Stunt Coordinators, Stunt Professionals and Elite Athletes during your time at the course.

This is more than just a Stunt Course. You will benefit from the Teambuilding, Confidence Building, Self Development, Personal Challenges and most of all, Life Long Friendships with Like Minded People from all over the world.

Also the theory components that a Stunt Performer should know such as Safety, Teamwork, Marketing, Acting and on set etiquette.


There are several components of Stunt Training that is theory, information, demonstration and group discussion. Related topics such as Stunt Acting, Safety and Teamwork, Getting Work etc, can assist the performer with his or her Direction, Acting Skill, Marketing and Performance.


To improve your physical agility, coordination, strength, timing and balance, the Commando Style Obstacle Course will challenge you to constantly improve your time score. Using ropes, logs, tyres, tunnels and cargo nets, you will enjoy the use of your physical skills.


You will learn and practice Breakfalls, Shoulder Rolls, Dive Rolls, and improve your Aerial Awareness, Body Rotation and Spin. These are the skills that when practiced regularly, can get you out of trouble, when you want to ensure a safe, trouble free landing. Or when things sometimes go wrong and you might save yourself from injury,

Trampoline, Mini Tramp and Air Ram

Using fullsize Trampolines and gymnastics Mini Tramps, you will practice launching into an array of flips, spins and dive rolls, onto Large Crash Mats. These Aerial skills are very useful when flying, falling or being propelled into Props. (Air Rams are now used when possible)

High Falls & High Diving

You will be shown, taught and practiced in a variety of Fall and Dive techniques. Using Swimming Pools, Rubber Landing Mats, Air Bags and Box Rigs, you will try to perfect these techniques so they can be done Safely, with Spectacular results.


There are a variety of cars and motorcycles used at Stunt Academy to improve your precision for safety, and quality performance. The goal is to improve your driving skills to safely execute Action maneuvers like Slides, reverse 180’s, handbrake and foot brake turns, precision driving etc.

Rope Work

You will be carefully shown and allowed to practice roping techniques useful to the Stunt Industry. Advanced Abseil, Forward Rapelling, Climbing, Inverted Abseil, Attaching Ropes safely, Rescue Techniques and much more.

Fire/Firearms/Special Effects

There will be the opportunity to work with Guns, Rifles, Fire burns, Human Torches, Explosions, Breakaways, and filmed Stunt Scenes. You will also learn Safety Teamwork.

Stage Combat/Theatrical Fighting

Several of our training sessions include fight scenes using street skill, martial arts, weapons and gangs. Understanding film fighting will help you give a more realistic performance for a variety of Stunt Fighting Performances. Using Camera Angles, coupled with exciting and skillful fight techniques, talented acting by the performers, and appropriate wardrobe, props and careful Direction, an action scene can be believable, spectacular and very entertaining.

Wirework and Ratchets

The latest Action movies are using Wirework Technology to perform and film spectacular flying or falling sequences. Especially useful for movies incorporating Super humans, huge powerful creatures, and many more situations where Aerial Movement is required. You will experience Jerk backs, Static Stops, Flying, Flipping and Spinning on our specially designed Rigs, Harnesses and Vests.

Window Penetrations

Using our Breakaway Window, you will learn to break through forwards, backwards and from kicks, punches and explosions, onto soft mats until proper techniques are perfected.


Using our purpose built set of stairs, you will learn to safely roll down forwards and backwards on padded stairs, wearing protective padding. Combining the skills with a short chase and fight scene filmed for your showreels.

Action Scenes

Ever wanted to star in your own film? Here’s your chance! We film 2 Action Scenes using the skills learnt that week. During the second week a Weapons Battle using wirework, falls, swords, knives, acrobatics etc. The third and final week, a spectacular Gun Battle incorporating explosions, squibs, SFX, High Falls, Car stunts and many more.

What you Get!

  • Graduation Certificate hi-lighting your competencies in the areas of Stunt Performance
  • DVD of your edited Action Scenes
  • Firearms Awareness Certificate
  • Advanced Abseil Certificate

How much does the course cost?

The 14 day Stunt Training Course, costs $3600 (AUS) for the 2 week course. (Currency Conversion). This covers all tuition, training facilities, course notes, log book, stationary and demo video. As a Stunt Performer you can earn from $500 to $1500 per day. So it shouldn't take too long to pay the course off. Details of costs for other courses are available by contacting the Stunt Academy.

Stunt Training Seminars can be tailored to suit your needs. These are usually over a one week period or two day weekend and cover the introduction to the Stunt Profession. A small theory element to explain the Stunt Industry, Safety Methods and Teamwork. Then mostly the practical elements with an introduction to Tumbling, Falls, Fights and perhaps Fire. Dependent on time available, the location, the number of participants and the resources available, this tailor made seminar is a great introduction for those people considering a career in this exciting industry.


Because the Stunt Academy attracts trainees from all over the world, we can provide accommodation packages from budget to exclusive 5 star hotels. With food & travel very inexpensive, the costs of the Stunt Academy courses are within everyone's reach.

On completion you receive a Certificate of Competency, a Video of your training in action and the Stunt Training Manual. The program is set out in Modules.

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