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Stunt Academy Day Out / Stunt Academy Birthday Parties

The Stunt Academy Day Out is a fun, exciting day of film making activities. Each Person is given a role- Script Writer, Director, Camera 1st Ad, Actor, Stunt Performer or Extra. Everyone creates the Action Scene in the morning, writing, learning to direct, film, act, perform stunts etc. Then after the lunchtime briefing, the action scene is filmed. At the end of the day while participants are celebrating their achievements, we edit the film scene and they get to watch their own movie premiere before they go home. From as low as $100 per person for a group of 40. Choose from several Themes including – James Bond Secret Agents, Ninja and Samurai, Commandos and Kidnappers, Matrix, Charlie's Angels, Cops and Robbers etc. Why don’t you ‘STAR’ in your next movie.

Planning Action Sequences

The staff at Stunt Academy are very experienced at creating, planning and executing spectacular Action for film, television, theme parks and live theatrical performance. We can organize the casting, rehearsals, choreography and directing of these specialized action sequences.

Stunt Coordination

The Stunt Academy employ some of the most talented Stunt Coordinators around the world for many of it's activities. Many specialize in areas such as aerial work, vehicles, fights, rigging, water, fire and horses.

Fight Choreography

Colin Handley and his team have worked in the area of Theatrical Fighting for decades, creating, choreographing and implementing exciting fight scenes, for Universal Studios, Warner Bros, Live Action Shows and many filmed productions.


To create an unbelievable atmosphere, the Stunt Academy Team can customize a Stunt Show of any nature to compliment the Theme of a Convention of any number of people. We can even integrate some of your key personnel as the stars of the Spectacular show.

Publicity Stunts

We all know how the media love anything exciting and spectacular to spice up any Newspaper, Television or radio news. We can theme a publicity stunt to attract media attention, and a story that the general public will be compelled to take interest.

Stunt Personnel

The staff and graduates of the Stunt Academy are some of the most talented, skillful and experienced Stunt Performers in the world. We have graduates in most countries with great skill levels and special abilities. We can provide as many professionals as needed for any size production.


There are many themes that can be adapted for most situations. Some examples are : Special Agents (James Bond), Commandos & Terrorists, Action Heros (Terminator, Rambo), Comic Book Characters (Batman, Daredevil), Samurai and Ninja, Matrix (Wirework). Work with us to develop the most suitable and spectacular production.


Stunt Academy can provide all of the equipment to fulfill the requirements of these unique and complex stunts.

The Stunt Academy can supply almost any item of Stunt Related Equipment for purchase or hire. These are top quality products, tested for extreme use in Stunt Activities.

Protective Wear - Body Armour, Hard & Soft Pads, Spine Protectors, Kidney Belt, Padded Vests, Harnesses, Quick Release & Jerk Vests.
Airbags - Designed to US Standards, all shapes, sizes, colours provided with fans if required.
Air Rams - The safest and most advanced apparatus available in the world. Delivered with Instruction manual.
Decelerators - The latest in hydraulic or manual, decelerators for Stunt Application.
Gymnastics Equipment - Landing Pads, Tumbling Mats, Minitramps, Trampolines, Foam Pits.
Car Crash - Grab Straps, Roll Cages, Pipe Ramps, Jump Ramps, Fuel Cells etc.
Special Effects - Explosives, Bullit Hits (Squibs), Flame Balls, etc.
Firearms - Blank Firing, Cap Firing, Props, Rubber Guns etc.
All equipment comes with manufacturers warranty, some with instruction manuals. Please Contact Us with any enquiries.