Coporate Events, Conferences and Conventions

Bring your group to a unique, half-day adrenalin-packed action adventure at the world renowned Stunt Academy on the Gold Coast.

Your power packed adventure can include catering, and a choice of several themed action experiences: Spy School, Gladiator Training, Corporate Stunt School or Design Your Own Program.

Events at the Stunt Academy promise to be the pinnacle of your party, activity, team building, or social calendar.

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Coporate Services


- BUCKS PARTIES ... all new!
Bring your team to the incredible facilities at Stunt Academy on the Gold Coast, where they can experience the ultimate in Team Building, Trust Exercises, Physical Team Challenges and some amazing Stunt Academy Games.

We have some fantastic equipment and facilities, like our High Tower, Commando Style Obstacle Course, Wirework Rig, High Ropes Course, Flying Trapeze, Kiosk and Catering Facilities.

Otherwise we can come to you with some specialized equipment like Wirework Rig, Harnesses, Swords, protective padding etc, and run a modified version of Corporate Stunt School.

The Activities are done very safely, and your team will feel that they are putting their lives in each others hands, and developing bonds that can be forged in Adrenalin.

We develop amazing Respect for one another by pushing your physical boundaries and showing where the groups Strengths and Weaknesses are and planning strategies for our Exciting Team Challenges.




There are many opportunites for Corporate Events, Functions, Parties and Product Launches.

Stunt Academy Services is now steadily making it's presence felt as a primary source of talent, ideas and equipment, to make a sensational impact with WOW Factor shows. We can theme an event with 007, Matrix,Charlies Angels, Commandos etc, and offer Rapelling, High Falls, Fireburns, Spectacular sword and fight scenes, the latest Wirework, explosions etc. We can even have your logo on fire and people bursting through it.

Whoever, whatever, wherever, we can make a spectacular presentation to be remembered for life. We can provide for your Corporate Events, Conventions, Product Launches, Parties and Commercial Publicity Stunts.

Anyone anywhere in the world, with an event or function coming up, contact us for ideas and costs to make a real impression.

SPY SCHOOL Have you always dreamed of being a spy and living the life of James Bond? Well with this totally unique, and awesome experience you can! This is a half day adventure, ideal for individuals, corporate groups, sports teams (minimum 2 people).

You will start your day with a Spy Briefing followed by the Commando Style Obstacle Course, where you will develop your balance, strength and agility. Next you will be trained in Unarmed Combat, Stealth and Firearms Handling learning how to clear a room of unsuspecting baddies.

Then you will be harnessed up and go through the Ropes Course and High Jumps from theTower. Feel what it is like to be a real spy, and gain actual skills in these areas!

Please note that you need to have a minimum of 2 people to participate in this adventure. Pricing is based on numbers and activities, group discounts are available on request. Activities can be tailored to suit any budget, location and group numbers.


This is our latest attraction for Corporate groups, either for fun, as an incentive prize, or for Team Building. Gladiator Training usually includes Unarmed Combat, Sword Fighting, Archery and Spear, Knife and Axe Throwing.

Imagine your group competing against each other or in teams, for the longest Spear Throw, the most accurate Knife and Axe Throwing, The Best Archery Shot, Most Skilled Swordsman/Woman, and Unarmed Combat King.

This Gladiator Training can be held at our Unique Stunt Academy Location on the Gold Coast, or we can bring most of the equipment to any suitable location around Australia, or internationally.

Normally participants can wear their own comfortable clothing, however, we can also theme the event, with Gladiator Style Wardrobe, ie loin cloths, tunics, arm guards etc.


Ninjas have always been a mysterious group of skilled assassins who are renowned for their combat skills, unique weapons and stealth.

At our purpose built Stunt Academy, we are able to provide Ninja Training which will include: Tumbling, Throwing Ninja Stars, Fighting with Swords, Blow Dart Target Shooting, Archery and Martial Arts.

Normally we would split into a few groups depending on numbers, and run different sessions at once, then rotating the groups. This can be a competition between groups or a fun team building session.

We can provide wardrobe to theme the session, or participants can wear their normal, comfortable clothing.


The most popular Corporate Activity is Stunt School, which is tailored to the group ability, numbers and location.

The sessions can be tame or extreme depending on your group, and include skills training in Tumbling, Theatrical Fighting, Wirework, Swordplay, High Falls onto our Air Bag, Commando Style Abseiling, Car Stunts etc.

Preferably a full day to accomplish some good skills training, before trying the more exciting activities, however, we can cram some of these into a half day.



Ninja Training