Colin Handley - Principal of Stunt Academy

Colin Handley

Colin Handley started getting involved with stunts from a young age when as a gymnast, he would create many different moves to entertain spectators. Colin took to martial arts when he was only 7 years old and continued training until he became 9 times National Blackbelt Champion.

His martial arts career took him all over the world and his achievements include Gold Medalist at the Pacific Taekwondo Championships, Silver medalist at the Asian Taekwondo Championships and undefeated champion in the Martial Arts League. View Colin Handley Martial Arts Showreel

In 1984 Colin went to Hollywood to become a stuntman. He was fortunate enough to work with many famous action stars such as Swartzenegger, Stallone, Van Damme to name a few. He specialized in fights, falls and car hits and was carving quite a career for himself.

On returning to Australia to train for the 1988 Olympics, Colin decided to stay and pursue his movie career there. After a string of roles at Warner Studios, he saw the need for a well planned and organized Stunt Training Academy for people like himself who wanted to become Stunt Performers and needed a start. So in 1996 the Stunt Academy was founded.

His desire to become a serious actor, lead to many speaking parts including a starring role in the action telemovie, Casino Reef. View Credits

Colin decided that he would take his career into his own hands and combine his talents, the stunt academy's resources and the world's growing demand for product and start producing action television shows.

Between running the Academy, movie roles, producing telemovies and his martial arts school, Colin has an active life that many of us would only dream of. View Colin Handley Acting Showreel



• Secondary: Westminster College, SA
• Sociology: Salisbury College, SA
• Diploma Recreation: NSW Sport & Rec
• Business Management


• 2015: 'Pirates of the Carribean' - Gibbs Stunt Double
• 2014: 'Schapelle' - TV Reporter
• 2010: 'Sea Patrol' - Guest Appearance
• 1998: 'Casino Reef' - Producer
• 1998: 'Flipper' - Guest Star
• 1994: 'Paradise Beach' - Recurring Role
• 1994: 'Timetrax' - Recurring Role
• 1993: 'Community Self Defence' - Lead
• 1990: 'Neighbours' London Tour
• 1990: 'The Punisher' - Actor
• 1989: 'Baywatch' - Fight Choreographer
• 1988: 'Richmond Hill' - Guest Star
• 1988: 'Neighbours' - Series Regular
• 1984-88: Los Angeles - Actor, Stuntman, Stand-In, : Extra (over 100 television and movie projects)
• 1980 -84: Modelling and TV Commercials


• Martial Art: Taekwondo 25 years, Judo 6 years
• Acting: Ros Gentle - Sydney
• Film & TV: Eugene Butler - Los Angeles
• Drama: Gregg Sargeant - Los Angeles


• QLD Screen Performance Acad - Film & TV
• Manhattan School of TV - Lecturer Film
• Dept. of Employemtn Training - Film & TV
• Community Youth Support Scheme - Coord
• Physical Education - Westminster College
• Australian Stunt Academy - Principal
• Smaart Business Seminars - Martial Arts
• LICENCES : Crowd Control: Advanced Techniques
• First Aid Certificate
• Qualified Lifeguard


• 9 Times Australian Full Contact Taekwondo Champion
• Gold Medalist, Pacific Taekwondo Championships. 85
• Silver Medal - Asian Taekwondo Championships
• Winner - All Styles Team Martial Arts
• Winner - Best Business - Stunt Academy

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